Even though its winter, there will still be beautiful days where you might want to get outside for some fresh air before Spring is in full bloom. Northern New Jersey is filled with tons of parks and beautiful hiking spots. It’s hard to only name a few, but this list should give you a great start to the hiking opportunities in Morris County. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just looking to begin, the great outdoors welcome all.

  1. Black River Trail – Chester, NJ

Following the skirts of Black River County Park, this hike starts at the old Cooper Mill and continues through the forest. The NJ Hiking website rates this hike as moderate difficulty as there are parts you will have to walk along side an active road. There is also a 14.8-mile loop to Willowbrook Arboretum if you are looking to increase the length of your hike. Other hikers are quick to say that this is a beautifully scenic hike along a sparkling river. See detailed directions here.

  1. Hacklebarney State Park – Chester, NJ

Hacklebarney is home to a 3.8-mile hiking trail. The trails within this state park are best for beginners or those with young children who need to get out of the house. The only difficulties along the trail are large tree roots and some rocks to navigate around. You’ll be sure to see plenty of people around, as the park is known to get crowded with other hikers and those picnicking. Nonetheless, it’s a great place to bring the family for a simple outdoor experience with gorgeous scenery throughout.

  1. Grand Loop Trail/Jockey Hollow – Morristown, NJ

Jockey Hollow is another Morris County spot home to easy trails to hike along. The Grand Loop Trail is part of Morristown National Historical Park- with plenty of other sites to see. The park includes a Visitor Center, parking, and restrooms. According to NJ Hiking, many runners and dog walkers are known to populate this familiar hiking spot. Access a printable trail map here.

  1. Tripod Rock/Whale Rock/Bear Rock on Pyramid Mountain – Kinnelon, NJ

Pyramid Mountain is a more interesting hike with beautiful overlooks. When hiking Pyramid Mountain, you’ll get to see Tripod Rock, Whale Rock, and Bear Rock- all in the same spot. Tripod Rock is a 160-ton boulder that is surrounded by the valleys of Pyramid Mountain. This hiking spot also has tremendous history behind it since the Lenape Indians settled here at one time. Pets are always welcome!

  1. Buttermilk Falls – Layton, NJ

Buttermilk Falls is one of NJ’s highest waterfalls at 200 feet. Located right near the Delaware Water Gap, Buttermilk Falls is easily accessible from Route 15. There are a variety of trails to follow depending on if you are looking for short, long, easy, or hard. If you are looking for a more challenging trail, you can take the steep uphill trail to Crater Lake and Hemlock Pond. Visit the NJ Hiking website for a picture galley and detailed description of what each trail entails.

For many more hikes in Morris County, we recommend visiting Morris Parks. The staff at Woodmont West knows that the winters might feel long, but there is so much beauty to appreciate in Morris County! Take advantage of these breathtaking spots to get acclimated with Morris County’s natural environment. Hiking can cure a multitude of troubles, giving you time to clear your mind and meet new people. Although its cold out there, come back and cozy up in your beautiful home at Woodmont West.