You may loathe the cold weather in the mornings when you go out to warm up your car, but lets face it – Winter can be beautiful too. You can make the most out of winter by heading over to some great snow sledding spots around New Jersey, perfect for getting out of the house on a snowy day. Bundle up and sit back for the ride! Sledding is such a great way to bond with your kids, have a fun date with a significant other, or even for some much needed exercise! The best – you don’t have to pay anything to go sledding. Just be sure to always follow proper safety precautions and you are in for a fun-filled day in Morris County. Here are some of our favorite sledding spots near Woodmont West:

Chubb Park – Chester, NJ

This is clearly Chester Township’s most popular park in town. Known for its 85 acres of land, it has many sports fields, hiking trails, and winter activities. It even has an ice skating pond that is monitored by helpful volunteers in the winter season. Skating is only permitted when conditions are safe enough for skaters. Be sure to call (908)-879-5514 before heading over to sled since it is the park that decides if conditions are safe enough.

Hopatcong State Park – Landing, NJ

Hopatcong State Park features the 2,500-acre Lake Hopatcong that offers many recreational activities all year long, including sledding. The sledding hill is suitable for all ages, which makes it great to be able to meet up with other family friends for a day adventure!