When you first get an apartment, you may be so happy to finally be in a new place that you don’t give very much consideration to matters such as some of the perks that can frequently come with an apartment.  Things such as laundry facilities, a clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis courts, an exercise room, and more can add a whole new level of quality and enjoyment to your experience as an apartment tenant.  Here are some amenities you should look for while apartment hunting, along with some of the reasons to consider looking elsewhere if they are not offered.

Laundry Facilities

If you rent an apartment that doesn’t include laundry hookups or a washer/dryer, then you’re going to need a place to do your laundry.  Sure, you could find a Laundromat and spend your weekends sitting in a dirty chair reading magazines, but really, who wants to do that?

A good apartment complex will at the very least include a dedicated facility where you can do your wash.  Such a facility is much more secure than a public Laundromat, and you won’t have to sit around babysitting your clothes.  Just pop them in, turn the machine on, and go back to your apartment.  Come back when the load is done and move them to the drier.

At Woodmont West, all of our apartment homes have their own washer and dryer in each unit, so you can always do laundry at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

Exercise Facilities

Everyone wants to stay in shape and look their best.  At the same time, gym memberships can be very expensive!  On top of this, many gyms are unbearably crowded during peak times—not to mention the beginning of each new year when people make a New Year’s resolution to get in shape.

In contrast, if your apartment complex has an exercise facility that is reserved exclusively for tenants, chances are you’ll never have to deal with an overcrowded workout area.  You can get in, do your workout, and get out in less time and with less of a hassle.  Furthermore, because you won’t have to drive to get to the gym, chances are lower that you’ll find yourself making excuses to blow off your workout.  At Woodmont West, we have a beautiful new fitness studio with virtual workout classes on-demand!

Swimming Pool

After you’ve worked so hard at the gym, you probably want to show off your progress.  What better way to do this than by sitting poolside soaking in a few rays?  Rather than finding the local public pool crowded with kids, wouldn’t it be nice to have a swimming pool at your apartment complex? This small luxury is something to look for when finding your next home.


Image via Woodmont West

If the complex you’re considering doesn’t have an exercise facility or a swimming pool, you’ll need to add the monthly cost of a gym or pool membership to your budget. Living in an apartment complex should carry with it certain perks.  These amenities make life more pleasant and enjoyable, and should be a factor in your decision of where to live.

Make sure you stop by Woodmont West during your apartment search to check out all of the incredible amenities in store for residents of our Mt. Arlington, NJ community.