When you’re living in an apartment, you need to be smart about how you organize your space. Here are seven apartment friendly storage solutions that will come in handy no matter the size of your living space.

  1. When in Doubt Hang It Up!

Wall hung storage can be useful and serve as interior decoration. If you have a bike, hang it up! If you have pots and pans taking up all of your cabinet space in the kitchen, hang them up! This creates more valuable floor and cabinet space in your apartment, and adds a homey feel.

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  1. Take Advantage of Decorative Storage Opportunities

It can be a challenge to find space for everything you love. If you are a book lover, you know the struggle. Luckily, books have an aesthetic appeal. A shelf or two worth of books can add some welcome visual interest to unused areas and create a great storage solution.

  1. Hideaway Ottomans

Ottomans are an apartment’s best friend – they’re there when you need them and out of the way you don’t. Storage ottomans hide away your essentials in a stylish manner. They provide the perfect solution for extra storage and space, as they tuck in nice and neat under floating shelves. Ottomans are also the perfect way to add additional seating in your apartment without having to buy bulky chairs and furniture that take up too much room.

  1. Use a Chest as a Coffee Table

Chests are perfect for creating additional storage in your apartment. They can store many of your items and act as useful piece of furniture. Chests are very versatile, but because of their flat surface, they work very well as a coffee table. Find a nice, inexpensive chest, preferably one with pull out drawers, and use it in place of your regular coffee table.

  1. Raised Beds

Change your whole bedroom by investing in a bed with storage underneath. Raised beds maximize your floor and closet space, allowing more room for your things. You can make a makeshift closet under the bed with your clothes and shoes, opening up enough space in the room to add new additions, such as a bookcase or cute chair.

  1. Wine Rack Towel Holder

Towels can be a storage gobbler. A wall mounted wine rack is a good storage solution for bathroom that doesn’t have enough cupboard space. The wine rack will successfully hold your towels and add a decorative flair to your bathroom. Just utilize one of your free walls to store your towels.

  1. Open Shelving Unit

Open shelving units provide vast opportunities for storage, including books, knick-knacks and decorative pieces. They also are very helpful in defining your apartment space. If you would like your bedroom to feel separate from your living space, an open shelve unit, that extends high towards the ceiling and is almost wall-to-wall, can create a truly separate feeling. Its room dividing capabilities are equally important to successfully creating more space in your apartment.

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