Finding a pet that fits your apartment lifestyle can be challenging. Some pets can be too large, too active, too noisy or simply not allowed. Here are some traditional pet options that can provide you with the companionship you are looking for while fitting your apartment lifestyle.


Cats make the perfect apartment pet. They groom themselves, sleep most of the day, don’t need to be walked and are content being left alone.  The most you will have to do is clean out their litter box and show them the love they deserve. Cats also don’t take up too much room and often make use of vertical space, such as perching on shelving or a windowsill.

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Dogs make amazing pets. They’re cute, cuddly and the perfect companion. However, owning a dog and renting an apartment can be a challenge. Many apartment complexes do not allow dogs or sometimes have restrictions on the size a dog can be. But don’t despair! There are apartments that are extremely pet friendly.

Which dog should you get? Many dog breeds will be perfectly content in an apartment. Small breeds, including a Pug, Chihuahua, King Charles Spaniel, Bichon Frise, and both Boston and Yorkshire Terriers are all great for a one or two bedroom apartment, as they don’t take up too much space. Wheaten Terriers shed very little and are good for allergy suffers. Larger breeds, such as a Golden Retrievers, also do well in an apartment setting and are known to love lounging on the couch.

Whatever the size of the breed, it all depends on your preferences. Large dogs take up more space in a smaller apartment and smaller dogs can make quite an amount of noise that can annoy the neighbors. The best thing to do is weigh out the pros and cons before picking out your perfect companion.

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Pet-friendly Apartments

Whichever pet you choose will be perfect for you, but now it’s time to find the best pet-friendly apartment. At Woodmont West, we offer pet-friendly apartments in Mt. Arlington, NJ. Every member of your family is welcome – even the furry ones. We have bark parks, pet stations and even an on-site pet-grooming center. Call (844)-264-4733 to schedule a visit and tour our lovely apartments. Live the life of luxury with your pet today.