You don’t have to own a home to make a space your own. There are plenty of ways you can tailor your apartment to your own tastes without risking your security deposit. Use our tips below to transform a space that you truly love coming home to everyday!

Ideas on How to Customize Your Rental

1. Incorporate a Bright Pop of Color

You don’t need paint to add color! There are plenty of fun ways that accent pieces can help personalize your apartment. Bright throw pillows, a statement piece of furniture, and patterned curtains are all great options to bring your style into your home. Because all of these options are not permanent, they are extremely easy to switch out so your apartment feels like home every season.

2. Add a Rug

No matter if your apartment features wood floors or carpet, adding a rug into any room can help add your personality to your space. You will be surprised at how big of an impact a rug with bold color, texture or pattern can have on your apartment’s aesthetic. Not only can a rug give your apartment a touch of your style, but it also helps keep your floors in pristine condition. You won’t have to worry about losing your security deposit!

3. Change the Lighting

Most overhead lighting fixtures cast harsh light, which negatively affects your space. Control the mood in your apartment by adding table lamps, plug-in sconces and floor lamps. Dynamic lighting in your apartment is a great way to showcase your personal style. If you are handy, you can even replace your current overhead fixtures for ones you’ve purchased. Just be sure to keep the original fixtures to reinstall them before you move out.

4. Get Creative with Your Storage

Even with large closets, being creative with your storage helps maximize your space. There are plenty of ways to add more storage space into any room in your apartment. Use an ottoman that offers storage space in your living room to hold any blankets. Raise your bed to store your shoes and accessories. Whatever you may need extra space for, there’s a creative way to stay organized!

5. Paint a Piece of Furniture

You may not be able to paint the walls of your apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t paint your furniture! Paint color, texture, or pattern on a piece of furniture you already own to give it new life while also giving your apartment a personal touch. Keep in mind; adding your personal style doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. A well-placed design detail can be attention grabbing and put your mark on a space.

6. Purchase or Create Your Own Artwork

Artwork can drastically improve the overall look of a room. Whether you make a fun, DIY project out of it or purchase a piece from your favorite artist, hanging framed artwork gives your apartment that one of a kind feeling you are going for. Be sure to fill in any holes before you move out. If you are not allowed to put any holes in your walls, think of alternate solutions like leaning a piece of artwork against the wall, or purchasing command strips that do not leave any holes or residue.

Luxury Apartments in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey

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