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How to Be an Active Member of the Lovely Mt. Arlington Community

Nestled in the heart of Morris county is Mount Arlington, one of northern New Jersey’s most desirable, charming and beautiful townships. If you’re fortunate enough to have resided in the municipality for most of your life, or just made the move there from another town, getting involved in the rich community life that the borough has to offer is a great way to meet new people, become an active member of the township and truly make the most of residing in Mount Arlington. Check out these five ways to get involved, and feel even more at home in the pleasant community:


1.    Join an adult soccer league

Whether you played throughout high school or college, or have always been an avid and excited fan, the Mount Arlington board of recreation commission is always on the lookout for new players to join their adult soccer team. There is no fee to join, and practices usually take place once a week at Mount Arlington’s Fireman’s Field. If you have a little one, there’s a youth soccer league as well!


2.    Lend your time and volunteer

Volunteering is an amazing way to give back to your beloved community, and a simple way to make it that much of a better place to live. If you find that you have some extra time on your hands, put your empty schedule to good use and volunteer yourself for some needed help. The borough of Mount Arlington is currently accepting volunteer candidates for a bowling coordinator for the winter 2017 season, as well as a pep squad coordinator for the basketball 2017 season. Other holiday events and celebrations usually need a handful of volunteers to run smoothly, so you can also help out at those types of events as well.


3.    Play a game of volleyball

If volleyball is your number one activity of choice, or you’ve just always wanted to try it, there’s no time like the present – you can register for a variety of volleyball programs at only $20.00 each. Mount Arlington offers women’s, men’s, quad, and co-ed leagues for adults to participate in, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. All matches are hosted at the Mount Arlington volleyball courts, and typically take place on weeknights. While bringing children is not advised, there are also youth volleyball leagues they can partake in as well.


4.    Enjoy a movie night

Fireman’s field isn’t just the place for sporting activities. Thanks to local sponsors, like the Morris Sussex Oral Surgery Associates and the KinderCare Learning Centers, you can enjoy a night out from your Mount Arlington apartment and actually sit back, relax and watch a movie underneath the moon and stars – one of the many perks of living in such a serene and nature oriented community. A bonus? There’s free admission and each guest will receive free popcorn. In addition, a concession stand serves hot dogs, pretzels, snacks, candy as well as hot and cold beverages – and all the proceeds go toward the Mount Arlington recreation programs, so it’s truly a win-win for everyone involved.


5.    Become a coach

You don’t have to join a team or league to get involved in the sports community of Mount Arlington. In fact, the township is looking for men and women alike to coach some of the sports that are offered to the town residents. If you wish to try it out but haven’t had much experience in the past, you must fill out a coach volunteer form, coach requirement form, take an approved Rutgers training safety course and undergo an online concussion safety course.


Apartments in Mount Arlington, New Jersey

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