Apartment Living Room in Mt Arlington

When moving into your apartment at Woodmont West in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey, many choose to make their apartment their own by picking out a unique color palette. You don’t need paint to brighten up your apartment with color. In fact, with a throw rug, some art pieces, window treatments and various accessories, you can completely change the look and feel of your apartment home. If picking out the right color scheme is proving difficult for you, we have created some tips for finding the perfect palette to meet your goals and personality. Happy decorating!


Bold Color Palette

If you are looking to make a statement in your apartment home, then consider incorporating bold, bright colors within your space. For example, a bright red piece of furniture is sure to make a statement, or a bright and colorful rug can tie the room together. Bold colors tend to be jewel tones, and are rich in saturation. When utilizing bold color within your home, a little goes a long way to make a statement. This is great for those that aren’t looking to decorate every inch of their apartment, as a couple bold splashes of color will do all the talking.


Soothing Color Palette

Would you rather your apartment be more of a sanctuary in which you can relax? Choose light and airy pastel colors to create a calming and soothing vibe throughout your apartment home. From light and airy curtains, to light and luxurious bedding, it is easy to make your home a place of relaxation. Pastel blues, greens, pinks and lavender are all calming colors you can incorporate into this palette.


Trendy Color Palette

Are you always up to date with the latest styles and trends? If so, you may want to incorporate the latest color trends right into your new apartment at Woodmont West. For example, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 is greenery. You can easily incorporate the greenery color trend in your home with a new rug, throw blankets and even some house plants to really brighten up the space. Other design trends for 2017 include incorporating matte appliances and jewel tones within the living space.


Natural Color Palette

Color palettes that evoke nature will always be timeless, making it an excellent color to pick when investing in high-quality pieces. The natural color palette includes blues, lush greens, rich browns and bright yellows – basically any color you would find naturally occurring in nature. These colors all blend together very nicely, creating a universally appealing look for your apartment home.


Minimalist Color Palette

Lastly, the minimalist color palette is becoming increasingly popular. Minimalism in home design lives by the rule that less is more. This usually means lots of crisp and clean white, black and possibly gold accenting. When incorporating a minimalist color palette into your apartment at Woodmont West, do your best to stay away from bright or colorful colors, and instead stick to simple, understated pieces. When complete, the final look is clean, organized and quite impressive.


Apartments in Mt. Arlington. New Jersey

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