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How to Give Guests a Special Night in Your New Home

Moving into a brand new apartment is a huge milestone, and should be celebrated as such. Throwing a housewarming party is a fun way to bring your family and friends together to revel in this new chapter of your life. It also will set the bar for the future memories you’ll make in your new home. So whether you’re a self-proclaimed “Hostess with the Mostess,” or brand new to the world of party planning, these five tips will guarantee a great night:


1.    Provide clear directions

Sending out your invitations is the first step for any party, but it’s especially important to include a set of directions to your new apartment or home. Regardless of how you send out the invite – through the post office, e-mail or social media – attach a clear list of steps for traveling to the destination, taking into account the best route each guest will take.


2.    Display finger foods and appetizers

Pigs in a blanket, cheese platters, spreads, dips and fruit are all classic staple munchies that people love to nibble on at parties. Setting up a diverse mix of these appetizing foods will keep your guests feeling satisfied and happy, and help them to mingle a little bit more than normal. Gathering around appetizers and being able to freely walk around makes it feel more informal and less forced. If you’re planning on throwing a housewarming party that includes a lunch and dinner, don’t overdo it.


3.    Give mini home tours

Giving a grand tour of your new apartment or home can be a little overwhelming for you. Not to mention, it could be hard to corral everyone at once in your space – even if you are staying in a luxury apartment rental that offers large floor plans, with plenty of square footage. As people arrive at your housewarming party, give them a mini tour. Giving each couple or individual a one-on-one visit of your new space is more intimate, easier for your to navigate and allows you to explain all the amazing features and details.


4.    Make a versatile playlist

Having music in the background gets rid of any awkward silence when there’s a lull in conversation, and will keep the party feeling upbeat and fun. Even though you might have a go-to playlist of your own favorite tunes, consider that your party guests have their own unique taste in music, too. It’s best to incorporate a bunch of different genres and artists to appease the whole crowd.


5.    Play a few games

Conversation can get boring after a while, and even the chattiest of your friends and family will eventually tire of small talk. Break out the trusty board games and cards for your housewarming party. You can set it up on the coffee table or kitchen counter for guests to play. If you want to get everyone involved in a large game, try a classic like charades, so you can all play together. You can enjoy a karaoke session, too!


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