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Easy, Homemade Ways to Improve Your Apartment

There’s a pretty solid argument behind renting an apartment, as many of the rental property communities throughout the country offer affordable prices, convenient locations and amazing amenities and features. While it might not be a house that you own, apartment renters still can add their very own touch to the living space, and use a few smart DIY projects to make it look that much better.


1.    Build your own coffee table

Not every apartment comes furnished, so there might be a long list of things you’ll need to buy so that your rooms are comfortable and complete. Although it’s fairly complicated to build your own chairs and sofas, almost anyone can make a small coffee table for his or her living room or master bedroom. Search the Internet for free building plans, collecting the wood, stain, paint, power tools and any other materials you might need, and follow the instructions to build your very own DIY coffee table. Look for a design that creates a 3×3’ table, as this usually fits most spaces.


2.    Decorate a doormat

This super-easy, inexpensive DIY project is perfect for any apartment, and there is a lot you can do design-wise, depending on your interior design and style preference. First, purchase a solid-colored, blank doormat. Next, figure out what you want to paint on top of it. You can freehand a pretty design, or use stencils to spell out “Welcome,” write your family’s last name or even display a funny phrase. Once you’ve decided, select the paint colors, brushes and stencils. Then cover the mat with a little bit of spray adhesive to make sure that the design will stick. Once you’re done painting, allow it to dry for up to 24 hours before placing it inside of your home. The best part? You can appreciate all of your guests’ smiling faces as they admire it when they first walk in the door.


3.    Make a mason jar shelf

Mason jars have proven to be a surprising, rustic secret weapon when it comes to home décor these days, so it only makes sense that they make perfect shelving units for apartment walls, too. Go to a local hardware store and pick out the size of wood you want for the backing of the shelf – you can even stain it to look less rustic and more elegant. Then, use a power tool to screw on three or four mason jars, sans lids. Although many luxury apartment homes, and apartment units in general, don’t allow you to nail or create permanent markings on the walls, you can apply sticky, adhesive picture-hanging command strips to mount it. Hang it in the bathroom as a pretty way to store your toiletries and grooming products, like razors and cotton balls.


4.    Design a set of coasters

It’s a universal consensus that nobody likes smudge marks, coffee stains and drinking glass residue on their apartment tables, nightstands and kitchen countertops. Instead of buying overpriced ones, you can design your own set of coasters to scatter throughout the rooms in your apartment. While the possibilities are endless, you should stay true to your apartment’s theme and interior style. Corkboard squares are ideal for decorating, and the bottom will never tarnish the hard surfaces that you place them on. If you love to travel, make use of old maps by cutting them into squares and pasting them onto the corkboard. Or, spell out a sweet message by hot-gluing old Scrabble pieces – you’ll need 16 letter tiles for each one. If you’re using pre-stained wooden squares, you can create a modern color-blocking paint design by painting only one of the ends of the square, or use shaped sponges to make a geometric pattern.


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