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Simple Ways to Keep Your Living Space Beautiful

Living in an apartment doesn’t always mean you are limited in regards to how you can decorate – it just means that you have to get a little more creative. While most luxury apartment rentals in Mount Arlington, New Jersey, do not allow you to paint the walls or make any kind of permanent changes to the rooms in general, there are still plenty of ways to decorate your space with as much color, style and décor as you’d like. Get inspired by these five decorating tips, and make the vision for your Mount Arlington apartment a reality:


1.     Create a gallery wall.

Since painting the interior of an apartment rental is typically not advised by the landlord, people who usually love living in a sea of color can do just that – sans paintbrush – with a gallery wall. A trend that has been popping up in DIY blogs and interior design magazines everywhere, a gallery wall usually consists of personal photographs, framed art, canvas prints and wall décor, arranged together in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Use command hooks to hang each piece up, so that you don’t leave any nail or tack holes in the wall.


2.     Play around with window treatments.

Even though they might be the most practical, blinds are certainly not the only window treatment you should settle on for your apartment. There are endless combinations of what you can use to cover your windows and dress it up with, including different styles and and types of curtains, curtain rods, drapes and tiebacks. If you’re going for a more uniform look, you can have each window in your apartment match. However, if each room of your apartment boasts a different theme, feel or design, you can cater the window treatment to match each unique style.


3.     Never underestimate a rug.

Seriously. Rugs might seem like a run of the mill, not-so-stylistic decorating option, but they are truly anything but – especially when it comes to an apartment. As an apartment renter, since you don’t have the option to change which type of flooring you have in your home, investing in an area rug, runner or any other sized floor covering piece will benefit you greatly, and really make each room come together as a whole. Choose from different patterns, shades, material types and sizes to achieve the look you want, without spending a ton of money on removing and installing new flooring.


4.     Make your own entryway.

Not every apartment has a spacious floor plan that includes an entryway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one of our own. Create an inviting, mini mudroom as soon as you walk in the door using a large book shelf or set of cube storage shelving. Leave a couple baskets for people to put their bags and personal items in, and display a vase of flowers, house plants, “welcome” sign or any other accessory on the remaining shelves you’d like guests to see upon walking into your apartment. Next to the unit, add a coat rack for jackets and hats to be hung, as well as a floor mat for shoes and a can to hold wet umbrellas, weather permitting.


5.     Be clever about furniture placement.

The way you arrange furniture is key when you’re an apartment renter, especially if you don’t have too much square footage to work with. You can actually make your space seem significantly larger based on the way you set up your couches, bed, chairs and tables – just imagine how your apartment would look completely empty, and imagine how each piece should fit into that empty space accordingly. You have the ability to create multiple sections in one room, dividing sets of furniture, or you can arrange them in a more functional way. Regardless of how you do it, arranging furniture the proper way can make a huge difference.


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