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Genius Hacks for Bath and Shower Sanitization

The bathroom may very well be one of your least favorite places to clean, for obvious reasons. The toilet, shower, bath, sink, floor and yes – even the walls – somehow accumulate a mass amount of germs each and every day, leaving us with no choice but to bite the bullet and get it clean. Even though the task might seem undeniably painful and time consuming, regardless of how big or small the area is, there are actually a handful of clever tips to make the process go by much faster. Apartment renters can make the best of these hacks, and say goodbye to time consuming, dreaded bathroom cleaning for good:


1.     Use a plastic bag to clean your showerhead.

Even in the most up-to-date apartments and homes, a bathroom’s shower head can be subjected to some serious clogging. When the miniature holes get filled with mineral deposits from the water, it causes it to spray unevenly, resulting in a lower quality shower. Combine one cup of water with one cup of vinegar into a plastic bag, securing it over the shower head with a rubber band – the showerhead should be completely submerged in the cleaning concoction. Run the hot water once the bag has been on the showerhead for 30 minutes to complete the process.


2.     Get rid of bathroom odors with lemons.  

Unwanted, pesky bathroom odors are inevitable no matter what way you spin it – but they don’t need to remain there forever. A smoke detector might be a bit too sensitive to a lit candle, and air freshening products are a little too strong for many to take in. Instead, create a cleaning paste using baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice – a surefire combination that is safe, won’t bother your senses and won’t emit any harmful chemicals into the air. Scrub the lemon-scented homemade product onto all parts of the toilet and shower, in addition to any other location a smell may be coming from.


3.     Turn a beauty product into a cleaning tool.

It might seem strange, but you’ll need to head into the beauty supply aisle for this bathroom cleaning hack. In order to get rid of the mold that, no matter how cleanly of a person you are, seems to creep its way into your bath or shower, you will need bleach and cotton beauty coils. Soak the cotton coils in bleach – which are really meant for perming hair – and allow it to sit overnight in the mold. To make the cleanup process easier, save yourself some trouble – place a disposable pie pan in the tub, pour the bleach in the pan, and soak the cotton coils immediately.


4.     Create a toilet cleanser with denture tablets.

The reservoir tank and bowl of a toilet can become easily dirtied, and it can be really hard to keep it sanitized – not to mention, not everyone has that extra chunk of time in their day to scrub it until it’s no longer soiled. Enter denture tablets – a secret, affordable weapon of bathroom cleaners, which allow for virtually no prep work or any effort at all. Before you go to bed at night, simply drop two to three denture tablets inside of the toilet’s reservoir, letting them sit and dissolve overnight. Once the morning comes and you wake up for work or school, flush the toilet; repeat this easy process every week to keep your toilet in top shape.


5.     Make faucets shine with baby oil.

Yet another unique ingredient for a DIY cleaner, baby oil is a great way to make your bathroom faucets sparkle – especially if your home or apartment has beautiful amenities that should be well kept. First, you want to kill all of the germs and bacteria that have accumulated on and near the sink faucet, which can be done with a disinfectant wipe of any kind. Use only a tiny bit of baby oil to remove the rest of the grit. Use a paper towel to get the grease from the oil off, and wipe the rest of the sink down with waxed paper – this will prevent future water marks and keep it shining much longer.


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Putting these bathroom cleaning hacks to good use will ensure that your living space remains clean and pristine in half the amount of time it would normally take to make it happen. If you rent an apartment at Woodmont West in Mount Arlington, New Jersey, these cleaning tips will be especially beneficial to you, since your bathroom will be stunning and spacious. Interested in learning more about renting? Contact our office by calling 844-264-4733, or apply to become a renter in just three easy steps.