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Fun Ways to Cool Off this Summer

When you’re renting an apartment in northern New Jersey, there are plenty of fun activities to try on a hot summer day! From thrill seeking adventures, to relaxing fishing trips, to cutting edge water sports, there are a variety of options for you to beat the heat near your Mt. Arlington, New Jersey residence. Here are some great ways to cool down near Mt. Arlington, no matter how old you are:


Seek Thrills at the Land of Make Believe Water Park

A short drive from Mt. Arlington, tucked under a beautiful canopy of trees in Hope Township, is the Land of Make Believe – a premier family amusement and water park. The family-friendly park boasts safe carnival-type rides everyone can enjoy, in addition to a series of shows and other attractions. The pirate-themed water section includes seven unique water slides, an action river tube ride, a wading pool and accompanying water slides for smaller children, as well as a life-sized pirate ship – equipped with water guns and sprayers.


Catch a Fish in Budd Lake

Located just off of Route 46, Mt. Olive’s Budd Lake is only minutes away from Mt. Arlington. The residents of the township have always appreciated just how amazing the lake really is, and are always working hard to bring neighbors together to enjoy the natural resource. While swimming is no longer allowed, the Budd Lake Beach Park is home to a 100-foot long fishing pier, with some of the best bass catches around. In addition to fishing, visitors are also able to launch their kayaks, canoes and other personal watercrafts on the lake. Standing paddleboard and sailing lessons are also available through the Mt. Olive Recreation Department. The best part? You don’t need to be a resident of Mt. Olive to enjoy all of these water-friendly perks – so if you’re living in Mt. Arlington, feel free to stop by on a hot summer day or night.


Try a Cutting Edge Water Sport

Lake Hopatcong – which is five minutes away from the Mt. Arlington border – is home to Fly High Watersports, the number one hydroflight facility in the entire northeast. Hydroflight sports utilize a converted jet ski pump or jet skip pump, and make you feel as though you’re actually flying various feet above the water. Fly High Watersport’s owners were the first to bring the anti-gravity sport to the tri-state area, after trying it for themselves and realizing that their awesome experience could never be matched again. Mt. Arlington residents who visit the facility, located at the Jefferson House waterfront, are able to choose from flyboarding, jetblading, jetpacking and hoverboarding, each rated at their own level, from beginner to advanced.


Go Swimming at Hopatcong State Park  

Since it operates under state park rules, a full day at Hopatcong State Park only costs $10.00 for any New Jersey resident. If you want to take a little break from your apartment community’s pool and go for a swim with a scenic view, this state park is definitely a great option for you. Hopatcong State Park lifeguards are on duty between the hours of 10 A.M. through 6 P.M., and there’s a bathhouse on location for visitors to use the restroom, take a shower and change. If you work up an appetite after swimming, there’s a concession stand that sells food and drinks, and a picnic area where you’re able to grill with friends and family.


New Luxury Apartments for Rent in Mt. Arlington, NJ

When you live in Mt. Arlington, there are so many ways to beat the heat throughout the warm summer days. If you’re interested in moving to this beautiful town, just see for yourself – schedule a tour to visit the luxury apartment homes of Woodmont West by calling our office at 844-264-4733.