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Make Your Space Neat and Tidy With These Top Tips

Sometimes, cleaning your apartment can seem like a chore that never ends – and if you are seriously lacking in the organization department, it might even feel impossible. Fortunately, though, there are a handful of sneaky ways to keep each and every room organized, from the bedroom to the entryway. Here are the top five organization hacks your apartment desperately needs:


1.    Keep bathroom drawers clutter-free with kitchen products.

Living in an apartment means that you may not have a spacious master bathroom that fits the majority of what you’d like to stash there – and it also means compromising when it comes to hanging shelves and storage units on the walls. The reality? You’ll most likely be storing your toiletries in the bathroom drawers you’ve been provided with. Keep all of your razors, cotton balls, nail files, Q-tips, toothpaste tubes, extra shampoo bottles and any other items you can possibly squeeze into the bathroom drawers tidy by organizing them with a kitchen utensil holder; it’s the perfect tool for organizing these types of items!


2.    Use shower hooks to hang more garments in the closet.

Give regular hangers a break for a while. Instead, repurpose metal or plastic s-shaped shower hooks – which can be purchased at extremely cheap rates – and use them to hang all the clothes and accessories in your closet. You can use the belt loops on shorts and jeans to hang them, in addition to scarves, hats, and belts. This is an inexpensive and brilliant way to rethink the layout of your closet, providing even more space than there was before – the shower hooks don’t take up much room at all, and you can easily clump together all of your belongings.


3.    Hang a tension rod for clever under-the-sink kitchen storage.

If you’ve got a kitchen cleaning product collection but nowhere to put it, investing in a couple of tension rods is a smart way to corral them. Clear out the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink, and install one there for an easy access storage spot. You can hang any type of spray bottle, cleaner, and sanitizer product that you have, which coincidentally frees up space underneath for sponges, paper towels, and items that you can’t hang on the rod. You can also install a tension rod between two cupboards to hang dishtowels and aprons.


4.    Arrange loose items with a pegboard in the bedroom.

There are some items that can’t seem to find a permanent home – and when said items are lingering on top of your dressers and the bedroom floor, it can produce feelings of anxiety, uneasiness and even bring about stress. Purchase a pegboard from a home improvement store, and work a little DIY-magic to turn it into an aesthetically pleasing organizer – a small paint job and beginner mounting skills will do the trick. You can pretty much hang just about anything on a pegboard, so tidying up the bedroom, and finally finding a place to keep those pesky loose items, is possible.


5.    Display double-duty furniture in the entryway.

After coming home from work, school, the gym, or a grocery store run, cleaning up is probably the last thing on your mind. It’s no wonder that an apartment’s entryway is bound to get a little bit cluttered. Keep shoes, coats, purses, brief cases, umbrellas and other items in check by stowing them underneath a storage bench, or containing them in an ottoman that has a compartment underneath the cushion to hold smaller items. This type of double-duty seating makes an entryway appear inviting, and gives you a reason not to scatter everything on the floor when you first walk in the door.


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