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Simple Ways to Decorate an Apartment During Autumn

Apple picking, pumpkin-spice coffee and beautiful colored leaves are just a few reasons why fall is such a magical season. If you rent an apartment, you can incorporate all the best things about it by using fall decorations to get even more into the spirit. Here are five fall decorating tips to follow this season:


1.     Create a wreath to hang on each door.  

Instead of buying an overpriced fall wreath at a large retailer or craft store, create your own wreath this year. It’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home! You can opt for a wreath full of fall flowers, or use small pumpkins and gourds to make it stand out. Hang them on the apartment’s front door, closet doors, and anywhere else for a classic and creative fall statement.


2.     Imitate a farm-fresh harvest on the table.

It might take place toward the end of fall, but the Thanksgiving Day table can be replicated beautifully all season long when you take a note from the pilgrims’ playbook. Make a tablescape in your kitchen with a bountiful harvest centerpiece, consisting of a cornucopia overflowing with faux harvest finds typically found in the fall. Squash, pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and other seasonal favorites can be scattered up and down the middle of the table. You also can incorporate plants, leaves and flower heads to give it a more colorful appearance.


3.     Adorn pumpkins with florals and plants.  

Go the non-traditional route this year, and skip out on the annual jack-o’-lantern carving. Family members and friends still will gladly join you for this fall decorating idea, which results in fun and elegant pumpkins that go far outside the box. Cut the pumpkin’s center and completely hollow it out. Rather than carving a spooky face, fill it with soil and multi-colored mums. The pumpkin-turned-planters will look beautiful in your apartment’s entryway, master bedroom or on the coffee table in your living room. Make the pumpkin planters with various sized pumpkins, so that the displays offer an all-inclusive variety.


4.     String leaves together for a stunning garland.  

Year after year, people marvel at the natural fall foliage that shows itself each September. This is especially true if you live in northern New Jersey, where the plentiful trees are known to change gracefully throughout September and October. Use red, yellow, green and orange felt to cut out about 10 shapes. Afterward, string them together for an easy DIY garland that can be hung on top of each doorway in your apartment. This will provide a subtle yet charming touch that makes all the difference.


5.     Add pops of seasonal color in every room.

Bringing the vibrant shades of fall into your apartment is a simple task, and can be done in so many unique ways – even in places that are more difficult to decorate, like the bathroom. Hang leaf-patterned towels on the rack instead of your normal ones, and switch out the shower curtain for one that is deep orange or burgundy. You also can replace the throw pillows and blankets in your living room with similarly colored ones, and coordinate them with the rest of your décor to fully match. While it’s very common to showcase the traditional colors of fall through seasonal decorations, it’s equally important to get a little imaginative while weaving in pops of color throughout your apartment. So don’t shy away from colors like purple, as it offers a pretty, unexpected contrast among the yellows, oranges and reds.


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