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Moving into a new apartment can be tricky. Once the unpacking is complete, you must face the grueling task of moving furniture and really making the space your own. You may have a desire to use every inch possible to decorate your new home, yet you also want your apartment to be spacious. You might find yourself wondering: How can I save space in my new apartment while maintaining a neatly decorated living area? Luckily, we have compiled a list of tips to help you maximize space in your new home.

Maximize Light in Your Apartment

If you have a choice when it comes to painting, opt for a lighter shade. Some good choices are white, cream, beige, and other neutral colors. Opening your curtains when the sun is out will also help your cause. The more light you let into a room, the larger it will appear. Dark colors tend to make a room appear cramped and crowded, while lighter colors along with other light sources will create the illusion of a larger space.

Create Extra Storage Options

Living in an apartment, your options for storage will probably be limited. Unlike larger homes, many apartments do not come with attics or an abundance of closet space. Due to the lack of storage options, you will need to get creative when it comes to storing your belongings. Plastic storage bins can come in handy when it comes to packing away winter clothes in the summer, or vice versa. If you’re wondering where on earth you will place those bins, don’t overthink it. A good way to save space with bins is to purchase risers for your bed and place the bins underneath. The risers will ensure that there is plenty of room for as many bins you can fit. If you don’t want your bed to be too high off the ground, purchase storage bins that are shorter in height. They should have no problem fitting underneath. You can also purchase a bed with built-in drawers, which will save you the trouble of buying a dresser that will take up even more space.

Another option you can take advantage of is ottomans. These versatile pieces of furniture will allow you to store knick-knacks and smaller items, while also providing extra seating options. With its ability to store your items and provide you seating at all times, this option is definitely a win-win when it comes to maximizing space.

Steer Clear of Clutter

Keeping everything in your home as neat as possible sounds simple, until everything starts to accumulate. Although you may find that each day brings a new item to add to the clutter, it is important to control it before it gets out of hand. Keeping a neat and tidy living area will ensure that no space is wasted (.)

When most people think of clutter, they think of clothes on the floor and papers inhabiting any surface in sight. Although many people do not often think about it, walls often fall victim to clutter. When picking out wall décor, opt for a few bold statement items. Don’t go overboard picking up every painting and poster you see. Too many pieces on a single wall will make it look crowded, which will have a negative effect on the room itself. Choose wall décor and its placement wisely, and your room will look spacious and lively.

Add Mirrors!

Place mirrors strategically around the room. The mirrors will allow more light into the room by reflecting it in different ways. This will create the illusion of more space. A great spot for mirrors is along closet doors.

Angle Your Furniture

When placing furniture, be sure to angle the piece and leave some room behind it. Doing this will allow you to use the space as extra storage. Storing items in corners behind furniture will prevent clutter in your room and will provide you with extra storage options, which can be extremely limited in apartments.

Blank Space is Okay

In the decorating craze, you may find yourself rushing to cover up any blank space you find. That empty corner? It needs a chair! That white spot on the wall? It needs a poster! Although decorations are a great way to personalize your living space, it is important to remember that too much décor can result in a cramped space that looks like nothing more than clutter.

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