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What comes next after signing the lease? Moving into a new apartment shouldn’t be done without some preparation. A well-planned checklist should be made to ensure you don’t miss even the smallest of details. It’s a lot to take in all at once, but having a little extra assistance will help you from neglecting the important steps for moving into your new home. Use this apartment move-in checklist as a helpful guide to create your own before your move in day!

Inspect the Apartment Layout

When you unlock the door for the first time do a sweep of your new apartment. Inspect the living space and make a mental image of where you think your belongings will look best.

Account for All of Your Boxes

Make a detailed list of all your boxes while you’re packing up to move. Double check to see they’re well labeled and accounted for as they make their way onto the truck. When the moving company gets to your new apartment, check-off your list as the boxes are being moved inside. This extra precaution will ensure none of your belongings are lost or go missing while in transit.

Have a Priority Box

The first box to bring in should be your “priority box.” This box should be filled with high priority items that you’d need to spend your first few days. Think of it as, “items I can’t live without.” These items can include cooking materials, pet supplies, bedding and toiletries. The priority box is only going to able to fit so much, so you’ll have to weigh your items on a scale of importance.

Furniture and Room Necessities

Once your boxes are all accounted for, make sure they’re allocated into the correct rooms. Don’t spend your time decorating and setting up the rooms that you aren’t going to use immediately after move-in.

Head to the bedroom and get your bedding set up. Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your apartment because you use it every single day. This will eliminate the hassle of having to make your bed after a long day of moving.

The same goes for your bathroom and kitchen. Unpack and find a place for all room necessities so you can wash up and cook for yourself without panicking to find your face wash or iron skillet!

Prepare for Bills and Payments

There are going to be a lot of new bills to pay in apartment life. Having a list of your renting expenses is a must, especially if you’re moving into your very first apartment. This will help you keep your paperwork together and stay on top of your utility bill and rent payments. Having an easily accessible folder that conveniently explains all of your payments and due dates will keep you out of any financial mishaps.

Apartments for Rent in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time, but don’t get distracted during your move-in preparation! Woodmont West is happy to provide you with assistance to make your transition to apartment life stress-free. If you’d like to learn more about Woodmont West Mt. Arlington, contact us to schedule a visit to view our luxury apartments available for rent! Feel free to check out our blog for more helpful apartment tips!