shelf in an apartment storing belongings

Organizing your apartment is key to maintaining a clutter-free home. A resident must embrace their creative side and discover new ways to store their belongings. Here’s how you can create more storage space for your treasured items.

Utilize the Walls

Look to the wall when storage opportunities are running low! The walls of an apartment can be used for much more than displaying your favorite works of art. The best ways to utilize the wall should primarily focus on the kitchen and bedroom. Don’t struggle trying to make all of your pots and pans fit in the kitchen cabinets –try hanging your kitchen tools on the wall. Save the cabinets for your tableware! You may also be looking for storage ideas in your room as well. Consider command hooks on the wall to free up your limited closet and dresser space. Hang your hats, purses, jackets, or anything of your choosing to make use of your entire apartment.

Limit Your Appliances

We’re heading back into the kitchen for this storage tip. Limiting your appliances to just the essentials can free up your kitchen’s countertop and storage space. Fend off impulse purchases and only keep the kitchen gadgets you use everyday. Ask yourself, do you do need a juicer, espresso machine, and three types of blenders?

Go Vertical

Use height to your advantage and create an equally beneficial compromise between the walls and floor. Just like in college, your friends and family probably told you to stack up and “go vertical.” Your apartment is not a dorm room but the analogy of space restriction is vaguely similar. Stack drawers and create storage that once was never there. Shelves would be a great investment as well. Yes, they take up some significant floor space, but you can put virtually whatever you want on top of them.

Get Rid of the T.V.

Imagine that? A life with no television! Don’t worry, your shows and programs aren’t going away. You can still have your television service by using your laptop and a projector instead of an actual screen. The projector is easily stored and all you’ll need is some wall space! Getting rid of the T.V. will free up a lot of room in your apartment. Without a T.V. set or stand you can use this area for a storage opportunity that you find most fitting.

Collapsible Furniture

Collapsible furniture may be a great investment if you’re looking for a little extra space. Foldable tables and chairs can be stored on any wall or nook in the apartment to open up the floor. Without suffering from a lack of sturdiness or quality, this type of furniture is great for entertaining guests. Don’t let furniture get in your way when you barely use it. Just fold it up and wait until next time!

Hanging Door Racks

You’ll want to use every inch of your apartment for efficient storage opportunities. Hanging racks fitted with pouches over the door can help you find a home for miscellaneous items in your apartment. Store your beauty products, shoes, hats and even some food on any door in the home! You rarely ever decorate a door, so why not use it to store your belongings?

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