Picture of a kitchen countertopKitchens are the heart of any residential house or apartment. It’s here where you cook, eat, and often the focal point of socializing. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this room, if you don’t already. To make your kitchen a pleasant area, you need its functionality to cater to your lifestyle preferences. The performance of your kitchen is entirely up to you, just make it yours! In the event your apartment kitchen isn’t as big as you’d like, overcome this restriction and optimize the space for maximum efficiency. Here are 5 things every kitchen needs to make your everyday life a little bit easier!

Invest in a Lazy Susan

It’s often difficult to utilize your cabinets in a way that makes the most sense. Try out a Lazy Susan in your apartment kitchen to avoid a jumble of cans, bottles and spices from getting out of hand. The simple yet innovative design of this kitchen product is perfect for streamlining your cabinet storage. A Lazy Susan will simplify your search and provide an efficient place to store the large amount of tiny kitchen materials.

Find the Right Garbage Can

A nice-looking garbage can is another essential part of your apartment kitchen, especially if it can’t be hidden under a sink. Match the aesthetics of your kitchen to maintain continuity in the room and obscure a potential eyesore.

Go Minimalist on Counters

Aside from optimizing cabinet storage, your kitchen benefits from efficiently organized countertops. Your countertop may lack a large amount of space so you’ll want to keep the bare minimum out in the open. Too much “stuff” on the counter will only create more clutter and stress as you try to maneuver your kitchen material. Stay minimal by only keeping the appliances most often used on top of the counter. Prioritizing your essentials while maintaining a neat and organized countertop will bring you piece of mind beyond belief.

Cover Your Stovetop

Since counter space may be an issue, there are many great product hacks that can increase the total use of your kitchen. A large appliance that you cannot live without is of course the stovetop/oven. Even though it takes up a lot of room, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to create more space. Invest in a stovetop cover, or cutting board, and place it over the burners that aren’t in use. This will give you more working space as you optimize the opposite half of the appliance. Think of it this way: cook on half and cut on the other. The best part about the stovetop cover is it keeps the burners clean and you can leave the board on the stove to increase storage!

Consider a Cover for the Sink

The sink cover has the exact same idea as the stovetop cover. This small kitchen hack is essentially a “part two” option to the stovetop cover. For apartment rentals that have a double-sink, cover up the extra half with another cutting board or custom designed sink cover to increase storage and working space. This will in turn create even more countertop space that you didn’t have previously.

Luxury Apartments in Morris County, New Jersey

The efficiency of your kitchen is not contingent on the size, but how you make use of the design. Fortunately for our renters, our kitchens are always designed with efficiency and luxury in mind. Woodmont West provides quality apartment rentals in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey for residents wanting a place they can happily call home. To learn more about Woodmont West and our luxury apartments, please contact us with any questions and concerns. We’ll be happy to help you schedule a visit so you can review our high value amenities and floor plans.