Living in the tri-state can be expensive. Roommates are a great solution for splitting the cost of living, but finding a good one can sometimes prove challenging. Whether you know the person prior or not, living with anyone can be stressful at times so it’s essential to take your time with the research process. To help get you started, we’ve come up with a list of 7 tips for finding the ideal roommate.

Decide What You Want In A Roommate

Roommates don’t have to be best friends. You may not always like or even get to choose your perfect roommate, but you can filter out unsuitable choices based on the prerequisites you set up for the search. If your potential roommate works night shifts and spends their time off during the night, that may not be the ideal arrangement for someone with an early morning wakeup call.

Start the Process Early

Waiting until the last minute to move in with someone is a recipe for disaster. Take your time and do some solid research before diving into a lease agreement with someone. People who plan ahead are usually the same people who pay their bills on time and are considerate of others. Taking your time to narrow down the best choice for you may take a bit longer than you’d want, but this is not something you want to leave all up to chance.

Do Your Research

A simple social media search can find out some important basics about your potential new housemate. If their feed is mostly late nights and wild house parties, they might not be the best choice for a reserved 9-5er. Finding someone with a similar lifestyle as you can greatly reduce conflict in this regard.

Pay Attention to Detail

If your potential roommate is infamous for having an overflowing garbage or dirty bathroom, this habit will most likely continue in your new apartment. If you are not the cleanest person yourself then this may be perfect, but for most, unfavorable living conditions is a good indicator that that person is not an ideal candidate.

Look Beyond Your Friend Group

Turning to friends and living out those hypothetical conversations might seem like the ideal option, but living together for extended periods of time could be detrimental to even the strongest relationships. Fun quirks begin to lose their charm when experienced on the regular and little pet peeves can develop into bigger issues if left unaddressed. Even previous roommates may not make the best choice depending on where you are in life currently. While not all situations end poorly, take some time to think about how the situation might play out.

Ask the Questions

After narrowing the search, ask yourself some important questions. If you are going to live under the same roof as someone you should have a general understanding of where they are in life. Planning to stay in the area for a predetermined amount of time or having a serious partner always over is a conversation you may want to have before making things official. Allergies to pets, foods and household items should be discussed to avoid potential problems as well.

Have A Back Up Plan

An essential to any plan is a good back up plan. Life gets complicated – and for many reasons a perfect arrangement can fall through. Don’t be left at the last minute starting back at square one trying to find a backup. This means keeping options available without dragging too many people along. While hard to do in practice, keeping in mind the worst-case scenario can greatly help you from being left in desperation.

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