Bathrooms usually fall into an unfortunate grey area in regards to decorating. Some people prefer their bathrooms standard and relatively bare while others prefer a cozier feel. Finding a comfortable middle ground is ideal but can be limited in your apartment rental. To assist in making your apartment feel even more comfy and inviting just for you, we’ve come up with eight easy and temporary ways to decorate your apartment bathroom – just in case you change your mind in the future!

Stylish Shower Curtains

Necessary for most bathrooms – and apartment rentals in general – shower curtains are a perfect way to temporarily customize your bathroom. Easy to put up and take down, shower curtains can easily be swapped out for themed events such as weather, holidays, pop culture and much more. Your choice of shower curtain will come down to preference and creativity.

Shower Mats

In full sized bathrooms, bath mats protect you from taking a spill on slippery floors. Whether in the shower or just outside of it, these mats have the potential to accent any styled bathroom. The colors, patterns and textures of a mat are commonly available in a variety of configurations leaving you with plenty of options to customize your bathroom.

Towel Racks

As a renter, you may not be able to change the physical amenities of your bathroom but you do have control over what goes on them. Typically bland in design, towel racks are a perfect medium to add color to your bathroom wall. Choosing a color theme for your bathroom will help you find the best hand and bath towels for you that also match your theme of choice.

Over the Toilet Storage

Give your bathroom more storage space by investing in an over the toilet bathroom rack. Utilize the extra shelf space for woven baskets or mason jars filled with readily available supplies. Designed in a variety of colors, styles and materials, stowaway your extra toiletries in a stylish and practical way. Looking into the floor plans while searching for an apartment will help you decide which size would best suit you.

Wall Décor

Whether you are a beach lover or prefer something more abstract, make the room pop with some classic or funky wall art! Utilize dead space by filling it up with some colorfully themed artwork. Use command hooks for easy application and damage-free removal of paintings, pictures or hanging decor.

Utilize Natural Light

If your bathroom has a window, be sure to make use of the natural lighting. Try hanging some stained glass or removable seasonal decals on your windows to add color to the room. Doubling as functional airflow and a platform for personal expression, windows allow space for a variety of decorative pieces.

Bathroom Plants

Turn your apartment into your own oasis by adding some verdant friends. Plants are a perfect way to add color and life to your apartment’s bathroom. Benefiting from the humidity and indirect sunlight, a variety of bathroom plants thrive while requiring little maintenance.

Decorative Soap Dispensers

An essential part of any bathroom is soap. Spice up your countertop by swapping out plastic containers with glass soap dispensers and mouthwash decanters. These visually appealing dispensers will add shine to your bathroom while doubling as a practical accessory.

Find the Perfect Apartment in Mt. Arlington, NJ

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