So you’ve finally finished the apartment search and you’ve found the perfect home. Now comes the point where you’ll sign the contract. It’s here where you’ll solidify your acknowledgment commitment to maintaining the great condition of the property you’re planning on renting. Though you might be excited to jump right in, you may want to consider asking yourself some questions before you sign the lease and the move-in preparations begin. To avoid buyer’s remorse altogether, here are 8 questions to ask before signing a lease.

1. How Do Transactions Work?

Whether it is paying the rent or receiving late fees, you should be aware of how these business interactions work whenever you are dealing with apartment complex management. Do they offer electronic means of payment or do they prefer checks? Find out that information whenever you are speaking with property management or the landlord before you find yourself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the bills.

2.  Are Employees Allowed to Come in my Apartment?

The employees of an apartment are not allowed to simply barge into your apartment. They can, however, send a notice stating they need to come in if there are reasonable circumstances that warrant their presence. One thing to consider is the protocol that these employees follow and how the landlord handles them to ensure that your personal space is not intruded upon without warning.

3.  Where Will I Park?

Check to see if there are any special perks for parking such as reserved spots or a parking garage. It’d also be important to look into any possible alternatives just in case, as this could be a huge deciding factor in your final decision.

4.  How Long Should I Give Notice?

If you ever plan on moving out of the apartment, check to see how long your exit would take. Usually, the rule of thumb sits around at least two months (30-60) days.

5.  Will Modifying My Apartment Cost Me?

Since you are changing the base image of an apartment that was previously owned by someone else, or different from how the apartment was originally designed, you may be charged depending on where you rent. As long as everything is in working order and it is in its original place, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but just take it with caution and make sure to double check if there will be expenses involved.

6.  Are Utilities Covered by the Rent?

In most cases, no. There may be a few rare occasions where an apartment pools everything including amenities into the rent. However, when dealing with rent, the utilities are usually handled separately. Make note of this possibility and schedule your payments accordingly.

7.  Lease Renewal Options?

Always make sure you know what you are capable of affording and that you may plan on staying moving forward once your lease is almost expired. Talk it over with management to see what available options are accessible to prevent any potential financial hiccups with payments or occupancy discrepancies.

8.  Emergency Situations?

Whether something breaks, malfunctions or there’s a weather-related condition, always make sure you’re aware of any repair or emergency options available with the apartment complex. This can be easily determined by anyone from property management, as they’ll tell you the procedure of how and when to resolve or react to any issue.

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