Moving is a big deal for everyone. Uprooting from your current life and moving to a new apartment can come as a much-needed change for some – and additional stress for others. Often forgotten in this decision is how will this affect your pets? Acclimating yourself to a new area is hard enough but now you have to consider fido’s feelings too. Unfortunately, animals are not immune to the stresses of a move, but there are simple steps you can take to ease the change and make them comfortable. To help transition your dog into a new apartment, we’ve put together a mini how-to to follow.

Before the Move

Regardless of size, dealing with change may prove challenging when relocating your furry friend. To start the process, begin by gradually altering your daily pet routine with them. By not taking them to their favorite spots or letting them out in the yard as much, you will slowly encourage your pet to embrace the upcoming change. If you plan on leaving your dog in a crate during the day at the new place it’s smart to start while still in a comfortable setting. This will increase the chances that they’ll acclimate to the change a little easier with some training.

Once you’ve begun transitioning your dog from its old life to the new, it’s important to maintain some old habits. Making sure your pet is not too anxious during this changing time will greatly assist in the overall move. Dogs can interpret sudden changes and this increased anxiety won’t be easy for anyone. The fear of abandonment usually kicks in around this time and your dog may become much more needy for attention. If you are planning on driving to your new apartment, familiarize your pooch with the car and the new space. Although seemingly unimportant, allowing your dog to see the area it will be living in will help reduce its anxiety.

During the Move

Once you’re ready for the big move, load up the car and leave plenty of space for your pet. Car rides can be exciting for dogs and by providing adequate room for your pet to move around will decrease chances of a nervous bathroom accident or damaging your possessions. Bring some chew toys for the ride to reduce nerves and restlessness. Another beneficial tip is that it may be wise to bring your pets in after large furniture since they could get in the way during the actual move.

After the Move

Developing a new routine for the apartment right off the bat is essential for comfortably transitioning your dog to your new home. Deciding on a schedule that covers new feeding and walking routines, as well as dedicating ample time to play should help establish a new sense of normalcy. The first few days are crucial when it comes to establishing good habits in a relaxed home.

Your dog might still be nervous about being in a new home and feel anxious when you’re not around. To prevent hostile relationships with neighbors, test out your dog’s comfort with being alone and gradually leave them home for longer periods of time. Take a quick step outside and run some errands or check the mail, making sure to be enthusiastic upon return. As your dog gets used to you being away for short periods of time, they’ll also learn to be less anxious when you’re gone for longer.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Mt. Arlington, NJ

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