When you choose luxury for your new home, there are certain features and amenities you should keep in mind and take into consideration when apartment hunting. You want to ensure that you are receiving everything that comes to mind when you think of luxury, and keeping an eye on certain features will make your search for the perfect home even easier. Read on to learn more about some of the luxury features and amenities you should look for in your next apartment!

Sleek Kitchen

Whether you love to entertain or are content cooking mainly for yourself, a sleek and stocked kitchen is a must in a luxury apartment. When you are apartment hunting, look for high-quality countertops (Quartz is commonly considered to be the top choice), cabinetry that is visually-pleasing and roomy, and a tile backsplash that fits your tastes. Also essential to consider are the appliances found in your new kitchen. This area of the home is a place where you will be spending a lot of time, so your new luxury apartment should provide you with a kitchen that is both beautiful and perfect for your individual needs.

Private Outdoor Space

When the interior of your apartment is beautiful and comfortable, it can be tempting to spend lots of time inside, but a luxury apartment should offer you the opportunity to spend time outside in your own private space. A private patio or balcony attached to your apartment will give you the chance to decorate, relax, and get some fresh air. Nothing beats breakfasts at sunrise or nights spent looking at the stars, so ensuring that your luxury apartment offers a private outdoor space is something you won’t regret.

Walk-In Closet

Apartment-dwellers often worry about the space they have and about fitting all of their clothes and belongings in an organized way. If you are shopping for a luxury apartment, space is not something that you should have to worry about. Check to see if the apartments you are looking at have a walk-in closet, as these provide you with ample room for everything you need to get ready each day. Also check to see if the closets have shelving, because even in a large apartment, maximizing your storage space will make the entire apartment feel bigger and much neater.

Designer Master Bath

Nothing beats winding down at the end of the day with a spa night in your own home, and when you’re looking for a luxury apartment, the bathroom should be at the forefront of your mind. You should look for a designer master bath, with high-quality countertops (just like in kitchens, Quartz is a common favorite) and lots of counter space. Dual sinks are also an excellent feature to look for, especially for couples who need a space suited for getting ready in the morning at the same time. An oversized shower or tub will give you a place to relax and kick back at the end of the day, and ensure that you get to fully enjoy everything your new apartment has to offer.

Upscale Community Amenities

There is more to apartment living than what is inside your own space, so checking out the amenities of your new apartment community is very important when touring different luxury apartments. A gorgeous swimming pool is a great way to fill summer days with relaxation and fun, and a fitness center is essential for those looking to fit in some exercise in the comfort of their own apartment community. For the kids, look for communities with a playground, and if you’re bringing along a furry friend when you move into your new apartment, having a dog park and pet spa onsite will ensure that your pet is as happy as you are. Other amenities, like a community garden, storage units, and complimentary WiFi are all features to inquire about so you can be sure that living in this new space will make your life easier and more comfortable.

Luxury Apartments in Mt. Arlington, NJ

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