Living a “green” or eco-friendly lifestyle can seem difficult in an apartment setting. For the most part, you don’t really have a choice in terms of utilities used, how the building is structured, materials used, and other aspects of living an eco-friendly life. There are, however, plenty of options for those looking to decrease the size of their footprint on the planet within the constraints that naturally come along with apartment living. We’ve put together a list of some of the best ways to keep on going green in your new apartment.

Starting an Indoor Garden

Having a garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to be self-sustaining and eat organic and eco-friendly food, but you may think it’s impossible to have a garden in your new apartment. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Sure, you may not be able to have acres of fruit trees, but an indoor garden is a great way to grow your own food. Certain plants, especially spice plants such as basil or oregano, are great to grow in your kitchen or near a window sill, but you can also grow larger plants on your balcony. You can grow things like tomatoes, peppers, beans, lettuce, cabbage, and much more in small pots and planters that will not only look great on your balcony, but provide you with fresh and delicious food. Just make sure that you properly maintain your makeshift garden. Water your plants daily, ensure that they get 6-10 hours of sunlight, and prune them as needed and you’ll have a smorgasbord of fresh veggies in no time.

Insulating Your Apartment

Air conditioning and heating can not only be a costly expense, but they also use a high amount of energy, which is something that you should seek to cut back on when deciding to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the best ways to lower the amount of energy you use warming or cooling your apartment is to insulate it by sealing anywhere air may leak from. Making sure that your windows are completely sealed and using door draft stoppers can keep the heat or AC from escaping. Not only will this decrease the amount of energy that is used to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, but you should see a sizeable decrease in your heating or cooling bill as well. Eco-friendly and frugal, insulating your apartment is something everyone should take the time to do.

Conserving Water

Conserving water is one of the ways you can be eco-friendly no matter where you are. Being more conscious of your water consumption can decrease your ecological footprint significantly, and it can be done with just a few simple routine changes. First, start by timing your showers. If you notice them being a bit on the longer side, try cutting down your shower time. This can conserve several gallons of water every day. There are also simple solutions like turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth, turning the water off when washing dishes, and keeping track of your water usage in general. These are some of the best ways to begin conserving water and living an eco-friendly lifestyle in an apartment.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The notorious mantra of the “going green” movement, the three R’s are vital to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, especially in an apartment. These three words refer to your use of waste. First, reducing your waste creation in general is key. Try using biodegradable bags, and stay away from plastic or glass bottles and disposable styrofoam, all of which will be detrimental to your cause. Instead, try using reusable containers. Instead of plastic bottles, try nalgene bottles with a water filter. Repurpose your old glass bottles or styrofoam containers for useful household items or crafts. Move away from one use coffee cups, such as K-Cups, and use the more eco-friendly reusable version for your daily pick me up. Lastly, recycle as much as you can. Whichever municipality you live under should have a guide of what is recyclable in your town and what’s not. Pick up the list and start separating your garbage into what is waste and what can be recycled and reused.

Eco-Friendly Apartments in Mt. Arlington

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