Making the transition from living with your family or a roommate to living on your own is major for many reasons. You are taking steps towards full independence, and being solely responsible for things such as grocery shopping and paying rent on time can be super stressful. However, when done properly on your own terms, the benefits outweigh the cons. To help you enjoy the solo life, here are a few tips for navigating life on your own.

Make Use of the Amenities

Living in a new location means adjusting to doing things you are used to- but in a different way. If your old home did not have a microwave and your new apartment does, this might free up some space on your counters for a different appliance. At Woodmont West, we offer our tenants luxurious amenities such as an in-home washer and dryer, oversized walk-in closets, and more. Maximizing your apartment features to best fit your needs will help your new apartment feel like home.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

At Woodmont West, we pride ourselves on providing our occupants with a friendly and welcoming community. Creating a network of neighbors can be beneficial for borrowing tools or taking care of mail when you are away. Befriending neighbors with common interests can help your transition of living alone by giving you the chance to connect with those around you. Our location includes a variety of communal spaces such as a community garden, fitness studio, and our 15,000 square foot Clubhouse. Before long, you will recognize some friendly faces whenever you leave your apartment, and you’ll feel right at home.

Explore the Town

Finding a healthy balance of socialization and alone time is very important when living on your own for the first time. Switching up the scene and getting out of your apartment from time to time can help the adjustment to your new lifestyle. Gather recommendations from your neighbors or other locals for the best places to grab a drink or eat in the area. Knowing the right places to shop can also help when it comes to living on a budget.

Budget for One

If you are used to living with a lot of people, you may have grown accustomed to big trips to the grocery store and always having an overabundance of food in the house. When you choose to live on your own, large and expensive trips like this become less necessary. Learning to adjust your previous budget from living with other people to living on your own is important for your money saving efforts.

Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Decorating is one of the most exciting things about getting your own place. All final decisions are 100% yours! This means that you get to choose everything from furniture and theme, to wall decals, pictures, curtains, and more. Check out this blog for some apartment friendly decorating suggestions. While decorating is important, so is cleaning. Remember to pull out the vacuum cleaner from time to time to prevent dust bunnies and unwanted creatures from visiting. A clean apartment can make the experience of living alone that much more awesome, because you’ll feel more confident about your space when it is in top shape.

Seek Peace of Mind

Starting off alone in a new apartment is scary for some people, and there may be an adjustment period before you feel fully comfortable. Keeping in mind that you are part of a community may make the adjustment feel less lonely. While there are some things to worry about when living solo, you can rest easy knowing that certain things like security, active smoke alarms, pest control, and exterior care will be taken care of for you. When choosing to live in one of the luxurious apartments at Woodmont West, you can be confident in the fact that we want our tenants to feel safe and at home 24/7.

One Bedroom Apartments for Lease in New Jersey

Renting an apartment on your own for the first time can be intimidating, but the effort is worth it. Making small lifestyle changes, interacting with your new neighbors, and adding personal touches through decor and furniture will help you feel right at home before you know it. Let us at Woodmont West help you find the perfect apartment for you. We offer a variety of floor plans for both one and two bedroom apartments, so you’re sure to find your dream space. For more information about apartment availability, please contact us at (844) 264-4733. Find your new home at Woodmont West today!