The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of your home. It’s where you prepare and cook your food for you and your guests to all enjoy. However, since it’s such a popular spot in your apartment, it’s one of the hardest rooms to keep clean. Cleaning your apartment kitchen may be an arduous task, but with some planning, elbow grease, and dedication, the process can be a lot easier. Here are five tips for cleaning your apartment kitchen easily and efficiently.

1. Work Smart

The best way to clean your kitchen is methodically. Clean your kitchen starting from one side of the room and then slowly move to the other side. This ensures that you have covered every aspect of your apartment, from top to bottom. Have dirty dishes? Fill your sink up with warm water and dish soap, so that it’s easier to clean any dirty dishes or cookware you throw in there during your cleaning process.

2. Wipe Everything Clean

The kitchen is usually a hotspot for bacteria growth and mess from all of the food, ingredients, and appliances moving around. It’s important to wipe every single part of your kitchen to prevent the bacteria from growing, as well as to prevent dirt and grease that cooking may create from building up. It’s better to do this in increments than all at once – start wiping down your countertops and stove after cooking meals. Also, the secret to making cleaning easy is to take care of spills as soon as they happen. Don’t let them dry, or else it will take a lot more effort and time to clean them up!

3. Clear Out Your Fridge

Deep cleaning your fridge is extremely important – both for the cleanliness of your kitchen and for your health. It gives you the chance to toss anything that has expired that you otherwise would not have noticed if you weren’t cleaning. Cleaning your fridge also gives you the opportunity to organize your food and ingredients – where you may discover you have all the components needed to make a special dinner!

4. Baking Soda is Key

Baking soda has long been the champion of all-purpose surface cleaners. It’s especially important when cleaning the kitchen because soap and detergent can leave behind fragrances that will be harmfully absorbed by your food. For cleaning the interiors of your fridge, oven, and sink, baking soda is the answer to a safe and spotless result. It can also magically remove stains that you thought would be there forever. Whether it’s your coffee-stained mugs or your burnt enameled and stainless steel cookware, baking soda will turn them all back to mint condition!

5. Put Kitchenware and Appliances Away

The more cluttered your kitchen is, the dirtier it looks. Make a daily habit out of putting your dishes and utensils away, instead of leaving them in the sink rack or dishwasher. This way they don’t become a big headache-inducing pile to put away all at once. After cooking and baking, immediately clean and put away any trays and cooking appliances you used. If you have items that don’t belong in the kitchen, make sure to put them back in their respective places. The less junk there is on your countertops, the easier it is to clean them on a regular basis.

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